Heganoo is a cloud based service for building & sharing your own personalized, interactive, mobile maps.

Create - Creating beautiful maps with your personalized content-rich points of interest, is now as easy as blogging. Include sound, video, forms, links, text & Images.

Share - Expose your content and share your maps with everybody using QR code, Email, social-networks or embed your map directly on your website or blog.

Enjoy - Your maps will look great on any device and screen size. Heganoo maps are designed for quick entry with no installation required.

We welcome questions and comments from everyone.

Feel free to contact us.

The maps displayed on the browser can be viewed on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Usable in all major browsers: Chrome, Safari, IE or Firefox in their latest versions. OS Compatibility: IOS 5.0 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher.* The service requires an Internet connection. Is recommended to activate location services to display the current location in real time.

After registration and login, go to your home page from the main menu and click on "New Project". You can choose to start from an existing template or a blank one. Congratulations, you have a new map! Feel free to create new points of interest and insert rich content such as text, images, videos, audio and links to any URL.

To view the maps, all you need is Internet access. If you want to create and share maps, you also need a valid email address.

The maps that appear on this website belong to Heganoo and are for public use. There are two types of maps:

1) The template map - you can create a new map from an existing template.

2) Showcase - There are some pre-prepared maps to illustrate potential uses of the service.

Don’t forget to align it to the center and give credit to the photographer. The credit should be in small format.

No matter what you are writing, make sure that your text is align properly.

If you choose text color make sure that it is legible over the background color or the background image you are using.

In general, all content should be shown in a uniform format. For example: Title; Photo; Text and a link to more information "Read More".

There is no better way to convey the message than visuals, we recommend you attach to any content an image or a video clip to help illustrate the content and explain it in the best way.

Want to make a spectacular presentation of geographic points of interest? The use of panoramic images allows the creation of a remarkable presentation with little effort. If you do not have panoramic images, use the Google's street-view as your photosphere.

Heganoo provides advanced and easy-to-use design tools so there is no reason not to use them. In most cases, the map design is intended to give an atmosphere to the story. You can create colorful maps to draw the eye or monochrome maps which emphasize the content.